Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Clean . . . . and simple

Which for those regular readers on my blog know that CAS (clean and simple) is my favorite style.   And, After Dreamweaver Stencils' February challenge of St. Pat's or Green, aren't you a little tired of green? Then this month provides the opportunity of doing any color you wish . . . including green. However, you have to keep it clean . . . and simple! Yep. We are challenging you to create with your Dreamweaver products in a CAS style. This is our way of encouraging you to begin your "Spring Cleaning" a little early, and far more fun than sorting cupboards and washing windows!
 So, to start this month's challenge, I've chosen one of my favorite flower stencils, Wisteria (LG725).  Place the stencil on neutral card stock, anchor the stencil with a few small pieces of removable tape, and apply color to the flower petals and leaves.  Remove and clean the stencil and let the ink dry.  Position the clean stencil over the inked image and move it about  1/4 to 1/2 inch to the left.  Tape it in place as before, and color just the flowers in a lighter shade, as they will become the background.  Remove and clean the stencil and let the ink dry.  Finally, position the stencil over the flowers and leaves that you colored first.  Tape all sides with removable tape, using the top piece of tape as a hinge.  Apply Translucent Embossing Paste (DEPT).  Remove and clean the stencil and let the paste dry.   I've used ribbon and two colors of card stock for the mats, but the finishing touches are up to you, as long as it remains clean and simple.  Couldn't be easier!

Now you have the opportunity to play along. Create your own Clean and Simple design (preferably with Dreamweaver Stencils' products) and link it to the Dream It Up! blog from your own blog, online gallery, or just send us an email ( with your creation for us to show off on the blog. At the end of March, we will select two winners to win a set of these stencils each:

     For more inspiration, please visit the Dream Team blogs . . . and leave comments, we love that!

     Curious as to the winners of last month's challenge? Anne Temple won for the best version of the challenge, and Sue Petersen won for the best use of Dreamweaver Stencils' product for the challenge! Congrats, ladies! Thanks for playing with us, and we hope to see more from all of our previous players!

Happy crafting,


  1. Lovely card, the wisterias make me so ready for spring.

  2. Stunning! I love this stencil and now you've made me want to get mine out and play with it. If only there were hours in a day!!!

  3. Oh I LOVE how you used this stencil! Nice job.

  4. I love this card! love your colors!

  5. I am loving all the beautiful stenciling that I see going on with the CAS technique. Wonderful work Liz!

  6. Liz CAS and beautifully elegant. I really love the way you did these flowers.

  7. Beautiful card, I love how you offset the second set of flowers, very creative!