Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clean and Simple . . . tulips!

We've had more rain in the last 10 days than we've had all winter, but the daffodils and tulips are standing tall.   While looking out the window and hoping for a shot of inspiration, I immediately thought of all the stencils I could for this week's post:  there's the rain (LJ905) and umbrellas (LJ908) background stencil, and all those beautiful flowers: tulips (LL377), irises (LL374), roses (LL375), daffodils (LL428), lillies (LL376), sunflowers (LL429) . . . the possibilities were endless. After mixing and matching, here's the finished card.

And it's really easy.   Begin by dry-embossing the Long Tulip stencil (LL377) three times.  With the stencil in place, color each image to coordinate with your patterned paper.  After the ink has dried, trim around each image and then cut away the larger leaves from the flowers.  Position the flowers as you would a bouquet and tuck the leaves in the background for balance.  Attach ribbon to hide the stem ends and three pearls or other embellishment of your choice.

There's more to see and be inspired by on the Dream Team blogs.  Start at the Dreamweaver blog, Dream it Up! and then follow along to the rest of the sites.  I can't think of a better rainy day activity!

Happy crafting,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Clean and Simple Challenge Week 3

Well . . . this started out clean and simple, but something was missing.  It just didn't look right.  You know how that goes.  You do a little tweaking here and there, try different paper combinations.  You put it aside for a while then come back to it with fresh eyes and tweak some more.   It's a little more than I wanted, but it's "kinda" clean and simple.  What do you think?

To begin, tape the stencil, LL327, Baby Shoes, to card stock using removable tape and emboss with metallic copper embossing paste.  Remove the stencil, clean it, and set the paste image aside to dry.  While that is drying, assemble your patterned paper, coordinating paper for the mat, and simple embellishments, in keeping with the clean and simple theme.  When the paste has dried, assemble your card and you're done!

My fellow Dream Teamers are better at following directions than I am, so don't forget to check out their blogs to see what they've been up to.  Start at the Dreamweaver Stencil's blog, Dream it up! and then follow the links to the rest of the team.  Then get to work on your own project and link it to the Dream it Up! blog using Mr. Linky.  That way we can all see what you've been up to. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lovin' the Clean and Simple Style

I have been looking forward to this month's challenge ever since it appeared on the Dream Team Calendar, as I love, love, love the clean and simple style.  That's not to say that I only do CAS, but it is my go-to style more often than not.  Here is one of the three cards that I will be demonstrating at Flax Art and Design in San Francisco on March 24.   If you live in San Francisco or on the Peninsula, check out their website at   Space is limited, so sign up soon!

Since this is their first stencil workshop, we'll start with the basics: paste embossing and coloring.  Begin by attaching the mushroom stencil (LL3025) to card stock with removable tape and apply Regular White Embossing paste (DEP).   Carefully remove the stencil and clean it; set the pasted image aside to dry.  Reposition the clean stencil on the image and color in whatever palette pleases you.  I know in reality that mushrooms aren't red, but haven't we all seen the ones with white polka dots?

This is a short post 'cause I'm finishing up more samples for next week's workshop, but check out the blogs of the very talented Dream Team and see what they've been working on.  That should give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own project.  Then, stop by the Dreamweaver blog, Dream it Up! and link your work with Mr. Linky.  Can't wait to see what you've done.
Happy crafting,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Clean and Simple and Back to Basics

In keeping with this month's Clean and Simple challenge, I've also gone back to basics with one of the easiest techniques using Translucent Embossing Paste.  Here's what to do:
Position the Large Flourish stencil (LJ896)  on your card stock and add color in your choice of inks.   While the inked image is drying, clean the stencil.  When the ink is dry, reposition the stencil over the image, tape on all sides, and apply Translucent Embossing Paste (DEPT).  A palette knife will do just fine, but the embossing paste spreader (LM2010) makes the job a lot easier.  Follow the same steps with the Butterfly stencil (LM121), cut it out, assemble and you're done!   

For more ideas and inspiration, check out the Dream Team blogs listed below, starting with Dreamweaver's blog, Dream it Up!  And don't forget to link your project to Mr. Linky so we can all see it.

Now, there's no excuse for not playing along with us this month.  There are beautiful stencils waiting to be awarded to the challenge winners.   Let's see what you can do!

Happy crafting,