Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dreamweaver/Woodware Blog Hop - Saturday

Here it is – the BIG DAY – when both teams are blogging for the Dreamweaver/Woodware Christmas in August hop.  If you're just joining us, scroll down to the earlier posts to catch up.  Here's what's going on . . .

All of this week, the Dream Team and the Woodware UK teams are celebrating the release of the new holiday designs from Dreamweaver Stencils. Of course, no celebration is complete without prizes...and there are some fabulous ones for those commenting on both sides of the "pond". 

Each team will be providing the opportunity to win four prize packages of stencil designs, perfect for the holidays. Just leave your comments each day on each players' post as well as the Dream It Up! and Woodware UK blogs, and the Dreamweaver and Woodware Facebook pages. Two random commentors will be chosen from the batch of weekday posts, one each from the DW and WW Facebook pages, and from the big hop on Saturday, from each side of the pond!* That's a total of eight prize packages up for grabs! Here's what you could win:

Here's today's project:

Begin by paste embossing the Mitten stencil (LJ923) with regular embossing paste (DEP).  When dry, reposition the mitten stencil over the pasted image and add a piece or two of tape at the top for stability.  Here comes the fun part: using the Christmas Borders stencil (LJ922) position it over the open parts of the mitten stencil and apply ink using a stencil brush.  You'll need to move the border stencil around to fit the pattern to the open space of the mitten.  Set aside for a bit to allow the ink to dry thoroughly, but keep the mitten stencil attached for the next step.  When the ink has dried, apply Palette Stamp and Stick glue pad to the image, using a dauber.  Sprinkle Cool Highlight Glitter Ritz Microfine Transparent glitter over the image and rub in with your finger.  Remove the stencil, tap off the excess glitter and you're done!

There's a lot more to look at, but don't forget to leave me some cheer before you move on to the other players for today:
I hope you've had fun following along this week and found enough crafty goodness to get you started on your own projects.  'Cause you know, the holidays are just around the corner!

See you next week and happy crafting,


  1. Sparkly mittens. Very clever. Love the new border.

  2. Great instructions on making this adorable mitten card. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great instructions on making this adorable mitten card. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very pretty card! Love the sparkle!

  5. Great version of the mittens!! So cute and glittery!

  6. Love the inked and glittered mittens!

  7. Very nice card. I like how you used the same area of the background stencil over and over again to color the mittens.

    1. Very creative use of the borders stencil. Very fun card.