Thursday, August 25, 2011

Designer's Choice on Dream Scheme Thursday

They've predicted a warming trend through the weekend, so of course my thoughts turn to cool drinks with lots and lots of ice.  In the paper crafting world, that would be snowflakes and ice skates, using  Dreamweaver's  new ice skates stencil in shiny, icy silver metal.   Take a look . . .

The background is the snowflake stencil (LJ819) paste embossed with translucent embossing paste.  After removing and washing the stencil, I sprinkled clear glitter over the paste while it was still wet.  After it was completely dry, I brushed off the excess glitter with a soft brush.

For the skates (LL3016), I dry embossed the metal first by running it through a personal die cutting machine and then, with the stencil still in place, went over the fine details with the small end of a stylus to give more definition.  Then, I turned the embossed metal over and applied regular embossing paste to the back to keep the details crisp and dent-free.  When dry, I cut it out and attached it to the snowflake panel. 

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Happy crafting,


  1. I love the skates in the metal, a nice touch.

  2. Really love the idea of "ICE" skating right now. Today was really really warm! Beautiful card Liz.

  3. You did a PERFECT job on those skates! I haven't tried using the paste in the back of the embossed areas. Now I have to!

  4. This is very cool in more ways than one! Love those new skates!

  5. OK, this is just simply beautiful. Love the shimmer and shine!

  6. Very beautiful job! I like the skates in metal.