Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come again another day . . . or maybe not

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Welcome to this week's Thursday Dream Scheme.  I know I shouldn't complain about the rain when family and friends are dealing with snow shovels, snow blowers and HUGE amounts of the white, fluffy stuff.  But I'm a California girl and, while I know we need the rain, couldn't it just rain at night and be sunny during the day?

Since Mother Nature bats last, I'm using this cheery rooster to remind me that Spring and Summer are just months away.  The stencil (LG732) was released at CHA last month and is fast becoming one of my favorites.   I paste embossed the rooster with matte black paste.  When that was dry, I repositioned the stencil and applied crackle paste. (Don't forget to wash your stencil immediately after each paste application.)  Crackles appeared as the paste dried, but he needed to be a bit more colorful for a rooster.  Repositiioning the stencil over the rooster, I used chalk for color and shading.

Before pasting up a few more roosters, I used double-sided sticky paper to adhere the printed paper to heavier card stock.  This kept the printed paper from curling as it absored moisture from the paste.   I did not do that on the card in this post and you can see a bit of warping under the top feather.   It's a learning process . . .

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  1. Liz...this guy looks absolutely wonderful with the crackle paste. That technique on this rooster will be shown in my new DVD on embossing paste.

  2. The rooster has become one of my favorites as well!

  3. I love this rooster too. You did a great job with this card. love it with the crackle paste.

  4. WOWZERS!!! Love this Liz!!! The crackle paste and the rooster should get married!! They are a cute couple!

  5. What a good idea to use double sided sticky paper. I wondered how the paste would work on pretty paper and will need to try this. The rooster took well to the crackle! I gave the rooster stencil to my granddaughter - I'll pass this info on to her!