Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Dream Schemes Designer's Choice

It's a new year with new beginnings and a blank . . . well, almost blank . . . calendar in front of me.  One of my goals is to schedule crafting time, much like I do everything else, rather than trying to fit it in piece meal.  So far, so good for week one!   Here's what I've done. 

In keeping with the Valentine's day theme, I wanted to experiment using the same stencil and technique, but varying the products to achieve different looks.  I began with the heart background stencil (LJ833) and applied ink to the back of the stencil.  I then placed the stencil on card stock, inked side down,  taped the top and bottom with repositionable tape and ran in through the BIGKick.  Carefully removing the tape, I set the card aside to dry, and cleaned the stencil.

For the card on the left, I repositioned the clean stencil and taped all sides before applying pearlescent embossing paste.  For the card on the right, I applied white embossing paste.  When that dried, I repositioned the stencil and taped just the top and bottom to keep it in place while  I applied glue (Palette Stamp and Stick Gluepad) with a dauber and then brushed on Pink Blaze Metallic F/X.  I think this is my favorite as the metallic F/X over white embossing paste gives it a shimmery velvet look. 

I have a few more ideas to work on, so please stop by in the coming weeks.   But before you leave, be sure to visit the blogs of the other crafty designers and the Dreamweaver Stencils blog, DREAM it UP.

Happy crafting,


  1. Oh, Liz...I admire your organized spirit and the cards are truly lovely! Aren't valentines a great way to start the new year?

  2. Hi Liz!!! SO glad you back!! Your card is FAB!! Neat idea inking the back of the stencil. Nice job! I hope you have a super day!!!

  3. Great job Liz! I really like the Pearlescent paste, it always looks wonderful. They both alomost look velvety!

  4. Liz...great job as usual, I love both cards but I especially love the card where you used the Pink Blaze over the white embossing paste, it looks so soft and romantic. I can't believe your so organized, I'm jealous maybe I'll get it together this year, well as soon as I can be more mobile.

  5. Both cards are darling, but my fave is the one on the right. I like the use of FX powders for a "shimmery" look.